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Wetsuit Size Chart

Please select your wetsuit from the following chart below

Most important measurements: Chest/Bust, Height, Weight, & Waist (in this order!)

Most folks do not fit within all four measurements. However, chest is the most important measurement! Next, just find as many of the three other range of measurements you fit within. For example, after finding the wetsuit size that has your chest size, you may find that you will not fit within the range of measurement for the other three. So what should you do? Find the next measurement that is closest to the measurement in question.

Let's say you have a chest/bust of 32 inches, but your height is 5'6", your weight is 120, and your waist is 27 - You should go with the Women's size 5/6. 

Our Akona Wetsuits will stretch 200%

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