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microfishing & Snorkelfishing Trips

"Only dead fish go with the flow"

Microfishing is a great way to learn about our native freshwater microfishes. Transylvania County alone has over 60 species of fish, and  most of them are smaller than 12 inches long. Microfishing entails fishing for smaller fish species, like darters and minnows using smaller tackle. We offer two types of microfishing. Snorkelfishing is fishing while snorkeling, mostly for microfish, but larger species such as redhorse suckers and northern hogsuckers can also be caught. Microfishing is similar to traditional fishing.


Our Microfishing is designed for all levels. Join us for an incredible and educational adventure to discover and learn about the astonishingly beautiful microfishes that live in our ancient watersheds here in western North Carolina. Choose your microfishing adventure from one of the options below.


  • Knowledgeable Guide who will assist you in catching microfishes.

  • All Necessary Fishing Equipment (rod, hooks, line, bait, etc)

  • Wetsuit, Mask, Snorkel (Snorkelfishing Only)

  • Canoe, Paddle, PFD (for Canoeing & Micro-fishing or Canoeing & Snorkelf-ishing Only)

Not Included: 

  • A North Carolina Inland Fishing License (either 10 day or annual license). Please purchase before the day of your trip by visiting

  • You will meet your guide at a preset locaton and you will need to drive to and from the river access you will be fishing. A shuttle might have to be set up depending on the type of fishing trip.

  • Lunch and Beverages are not included. 

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