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Fishes of the french broad river
"Only dead fish go with the flow" - Unknown

The list of fish species found in the upper French Broad River Basin include only those species found in the Transylvania County and part of Haywood County just over the Blue Ridge Parkway in the east and west forks or the Pigeon River, a large tributary of the lower French Broad River Basin. Here we have approximately over 60 fish species. An additional nine species can be found in the Savannah River Basin (Toxaway River, Thompson River, Horsepasture River, & Whitewater River) on the other side of the continental divide. 

It is difficult to give an exact number, as several variables limit us at this time. These variables include climate change and introduction of non-native species and those fish species that can be found in private ponds and lakes such as koi and goldfish. As the water temperatures warm due to climate change, freshwater fishes and other aquatic life will continue to expand their distribution upstream into suitable environments. One example of this expansion is the chain pickerel, Esox niger. Although historically rare in rivers (Etnier & Starnes, 1991), the chain pickerel has either been introduced to, or has moved into, the lower reaches of the Tennessee River Basin and can now be found here in the upper to the French Broad. 

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