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Our Story

Kevin and Christie have an immense passion for learning about the natural world. Together, they have spent countless hours exploring the rivers and trails of Western North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. It is their love of nature that compelled them both to begin thinking about ways to engage the public so everyone has the opportunity to see the natural world in a very unique way. In 2015, they started a conversation on ways to connect people with the natural world through adventure and discovery, and in 2016 started the first guided river snorkeling company in the United States. It is their wish to provide a service that promotes education, values, and awareness of our region's natural history through exploration and adventure.  

Experiencing the natural world cannot be duplicated in a classroom or conversation. People who take the time to really explore nature become more invested in the ecological benefits and conservation efforts. They are blessed to be located within, and near, several of the most ecologically and biologically diverse watersheds in the entire world - French Broad River watershed, Little Tennessee River watershed, and Savannah River watershed. It is their privilege to provide others with the opportunity to explore the natural landscapes that lie below the surface of the streams and rivers of our region!

In 2018, they introduced our Remote Wilderness First Aid (WFA) & CPR course for ages 14 and up. This course provides participants with a foundation of first aid knowledge and skills to be able to respond to emergencies and give care in areas and situations that do not  have immediate medical  services  (EMS), such as wilderness areas or remote environments.  Participants develop leadership skills, learn to work as a team, and learn  to prevent, plan for and respond to emergencies.  At the end of the course participants will be certified in American Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid and CPR for two years.


They also offer an outdoor classroom to home schoolers, and public and private schools. Our Outdoor Classroom is a great way for public and private school teachers, parents of homeschoolers, and scout leaders to collaborate with our team to give their kids an opportunity to explore, experience, and learn about our region's natural world through discovery and adventure. Our goal is to foster curiosity, encourage individual interests, and facilitate critical thinking skills and overall love and respect of the outdoor environment.

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