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Guided River Snorkeling

Join one of our guides as they take you on a discovery adventure of a lifetime into a hidden world under the surface of our ancient freshwater mountain rivers. Southern Appalachia's rivers are comprised of a diverse assemblage of some of the most unique animals on the planet. These streams are home to many species of fish, aquatic insects, freshwater mussels including the Appalachian Elktoe mussel, crayfishes, retiles and amphibians, including the prehistoric hellbender salamander. 


Micro-Snorkel Fishing 

Join one of our guides as they take you on a unique fishing adventure to catch some of the most beautiful and fascinating native fishes our region has to offer. Microfishing has ignited a widespread interest in discovering, photographing, and learning about the smaller minnows, chubs, shiners, darters, and sculpin that play important roles in the overall health of rivers and streams. Several of these species display remarkably beautiful colors and patterns during spawning season, while also exhibiting spawning and parental behaviors unique to that species.

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