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Family: Polydontidae

Ichthyomyzon greeyleyi (Mountain Brook Lamprey)

Acipenseridae - Sturgeons

Lepisosteidae - Gars

Anguiilidae - Freshwater Eels

Clupeidae - Herrings

Xenocyprididae - East Asian Minnows

Cyprinidae - Carps

Leuciscidae - Minnows

Catostomidae - Suckers


I. greeleyi (2).jpg

Assistant We observed this spawning event while surveying fishes in Nicholson Creek, a tributary to the upper French Broad near Brevard High School.

Collected while surveying the fishes of Mill Branch. Mill Branch is a small stream in Knox County, Kentucky and is in the upper Cumberland River Drainage.

This Solitary Lamprey was observed swimming upstream to spawn while snorkeling the upper French Broad River near Rosman on ​3-30-16.

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