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Autumn Walk

"The Child in Nature is an Endangered Species" - Richard Louv

Oxbow Outdoor Classroom

Our Outdoor Classroom is a great way for public and private school teachers, parents of homeschoolers, and scout leaders to collaborate with our team. Our goal is to be a conduit to foster curiosity, encourage individual interests, and facilitate critical thinking skills and an overall love and respect of the outdoor environment.

Our outdoor adventure and discovery classroom provides opportunities for schools, parents, and summer camps to collaborate with our team. Whether it's designing a lesson plan, creating an outdoor experience that serves as part of a lesson plan, or an adventure and discovery field trip, we would love to help. 


We have over 15 years of experience teaching all ages inside the classroom and outdoor environment. The outdoor classroom enhances learning, helps to build better teamwork and leadership skills, fosters creativity and a desire to connect to nature and community, and promotes mental and physical health.

Kids in the Creek

Our "Kids in the Creek" classes provides children with the opportunity to learn about the wildlife that inhabits our local streams and rivers through adventure and discovery.


Activities include:

  • River snorkeling

  • Stream Hikes & Canoeing

  • Sampling Fishes & Macroinverts

  • Photographing Aquatic Animals

Into the Woods We Grow

Our "Into the Woods We Grow" classes provides children with the opportunity to learn various aspects of our region's plant communities through adventure and discovery.


Activities include:

  • Forest Hikes

  • Curation of Leaves & Ferns

  • Plant Art & Photography

  • Introduction to Plants & Plant Parts

  • Forest Gardening

Kids to the Rescue

Our "Kids to the Rescue" classes provides children with the opportunity to learn about the human body while working through scenarios in wilderness first aid & CPR 


This Class includes:

  • Human anatomy

  • Scenarios in wilderness rescue

  • Wilderness First Aid

  • CPR

On Beyond Bugs

Our "On Beyond Bugs" classes takes children on a journey into the world of insects and their relatives that inhabit our region, including our forests and backyards.

Activities include:

  • Forest & Stream Hikes

  • Curation of Aquatic & Terrestrial Insects

  • Insect Art & Photography

Into the Garden I Sow


Creek Hunt

  • Crayfishes

  • Aquatic Insects 

  • Aquatic Snails

  • Riparian animals & plants

other ideas

  • Forest Gardening/Farming

  • Mighty Oaks

  • You are what you eat (growing & canning foods, and recipes)

Names for Activities/Lesson Plans

  • Pre-school: 

  • River Pirates (snorkel/canoe & pick up trash to give to Angel to do an art project, kids can do art project with river trash)

  • K-5, 6-8, 9-12 (Microfishing)

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