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About Us

"Drift Away From the Mainstream!"

Our mission is simple, outdoor adventure, safety, and experiential education!

Our goal is to promote the health of our rivers and streams and to enrich the lives of others by offering unique experiences to families and friends, businesses, public and private schools, homeschoolers, camps, etc resulting in a higher interest in learning about the anthropogenic and  relationships aquatic, semiaquatic, and terrestrial ecosystems. 


About Our Unique Adventures

Join one of our freshwater biologists for an extraordinarily unique adventure as we truly break away from the mainstream to offer river snorkeling along the upper French Broad River and its tributaries, and several other rivers in western North Carolina. We have designed several amazing tours that will leave you wondering why no one has ever offered these types of adventures before. The rivers and  streams within western North Carolina offer great visibility and a very diverse biological community below the surface. 


The upper French Broad River (FBR) flows just outside of National Forest boundaries, and is one of the oldest rivers in the world. Rated as a class I by the American Whitewater Association, this section offers many opportunities to observe over 60 fish species, numerous aquatic insects and other invertebrates such as the French Broad Crayfish, and of course the legendary eastern hellbender salamander. 

Meet The Team

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