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Charley Bradley

Outdoor Adventure Specialist

Charley Bradley

Charley grew up here in the Blue Ridge Mountains on Lake Toxaway where venturing into the backcountry for hiking, camping, and paddling tours with his grandfather was a very common experience. His grandfather, an avid paddler and professional outdoor adventurist, taught Charley a great deal about this region, and how to “plan” for backcountry adventures while remaining a good steward of the land. These early excursions with his grandfather was inevitably the seed that germinated into a great love for the outdoors that is obvious each time you head out into the backcountry with Charley.

A graduate of Southwestern Community College with an Associate of Applied Science in Outdoor Leadership, Charley is determined to continue down the path that was set before him so very long ago. His love for teaching and leading groups into the backcountry is indicative of his personal desire to learn more about this regions natural heritage through photography and research. Charley’s knowledge of this areas geography and strong family connections is what gives him a unique perspective of local natural landscapes. His specialties involve paddling rivers and lakes, orienteering, Leave No Trace, backpacking, day hikes and of course, making safety a priority.

Charley completed the Outward Bound Northwest Sea Kayaking and Mountain Expedition course in July 2009. This course consisted of an 11 day sea kayaking excursion around the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State, and an 11 day mountaineering expedition in the Northern Cascades. Charley’s most recent adventure came as a surprise in the late summer of 2016 when his grandfather invited him on a 16 day, 225 mile paddling adventure down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with his buddies who have been paddling together for over 20 years.

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