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guided Canoe and tube Trips

River Snorkeling - SnorkelFishing - Microfishing

Choose Your Adventure

Want to float down a river in a canoe or tube, stopping along the way to snorkel, snorkel-fish, or micro-fish? 

Drift away from the mainstream with a fun day of canoeing or tubing while river snorkeling, and snorkel fishing or micro fishing! These trips are customized for those who wish to float to locations to snorkel, snorkel fsh or micro fish. Join us as we take you on a spectacular adventure to catch some of our most stunning micro fishes and learn about their habitat and why they are important for the health of our rivers and streams. While drifting downstream you can relax and enjoy the day and learn more about the river's history and ecology. Participants will canoe or tube to various sections of the river where they will have the opportunity to explore and learn about the diverse array of freshwater animal communities and habitat structures. Join us as we search the upper French Broad River for the ancient eastern hellbender salamander, then jump into a canoe for a journey downstream to watch our native freshwater mussels as they filter and help to clean our freshwater. 

Canoe Float

(Microfishing and/or Snorkelfishing)

4 hours

​1 angler = $350 
2 anglers = $450

3 anglers = $550

Maximum: 3 People

Tube Float

(Microfishing and/or Snorkelfishing)

4 hours

​1 angler = $250 
2 anglers = $350

3 anglers = $450

Maximum: 3 People


  • All necessary snorkeling gear and fishing equipment (i.e., rod, line, tackle, etc.)

Not included:

  • A North Carolina Fishing License. All participants will need to purchase a 10 day or annual "Inland Fishing License" by visiting before you meet your guide the day of your trip. You will need to show your guide the license.

  • Lunch, snacks, beverages are not provided. Please plan accordingly.

  • Boots or closed-toed shoes and warm socks are not included. (Please do not wear flip-flops or sandals, or any other open-toed footwear) 

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