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Autumn Walk

Outdoor Adventure & Discovery Classroom

"The Child in Nature is an Endangered Species" - Richard Louv

Our Outdoor Classroom is a great way for public and private schools, parents of homeschoolers, camps, and scout leaders to collaborate with our team of professionals. Decades of data driven evidence shows that kids who spend time playing, exploring, and learning in the outdoor environment on average are healthier mentally and physically than their counterparts who are confined within the traditional classroom. 

The outdoor learning environment offers numerous benefits for cognitive, emotional, and social growth of children. Key benefits include enhanced academic performance, heightened engagement and motivation, cultivation of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, bolstered emotional well-being and self-confidence, social skills development, supported physical health benefits, and a fostered environmental awareness and stewardship. Overall, The integration of outdoor education within educational frameworks holds profound and lasting benefits for children’s holistic development. Through meaningful interactions with nature, they not only excel academically but also cultivate a lifelong appreciation for learning and a sense of connection to the natural world. 


Our goal is to provide a conduit in which we can collaborate with educators across curricula to help foster curiosity, encourage individual interests, and facilitate critical thinking skills and an overall love of learning through outdoor adventure and discovery.

We work with pre-school through Grade 12.
Many of our activities can be modified for all ages.

 For more information Call 270.339.0519 or Email

Kids in the Creek

Our "Kids in the Creek" classes provides children with the opportunity to learn about the wildlife that inhabit our local streams and rivers through adventure and discovery.


Activities include:

  • River snorkeling

  • Stream Hikes & Canoeing

  • Sampling Fishes & Macroinverts

  • Photographing Aquatic Animals

  • Fish Art (3D Doodle Darters) 

Into the Woods We Grow

Our "Into the Woods We Grow" classes provides children with the opportunity to learn various aspects of our region's plant communities through adventure and discovery.


Activities include:

  • Introduction to the identificaton of Woody Plants

  • Curation of Leaves & Ferns

  • Plant Art & Photography

  • Introduction to Plants & Plant Parts

  • Forest Gardening

Kids to the Rescue

Our "Kids to the Rescue" class provides children with the opportunity to learn about the human body as it applies to emergency situations. Students work through wilderness first aid & CPR scenarios. This class is designed for ages 12 and up. 


This Class includes:

  • Introduction to Human Anatomy for Emergencies

  • Scenarios in wilderness rescue

  • Wilderness First Aid (2 year certification - Ages 14 and older)

  • CPR (2 year certification - Ages 12 and older)

On Beyond Bugs

Our "On Beyond Bugs" classes takes children on a journey into the world of insects and their relatives that inhabit our region, including our forests and backyards.

Activities include:

  • Introduction to Aquatic Insects

  • Forest & Stream Hikes

  • Collection & Curation of Aquatic & Terrestrial Insects

  • Insect Art & Photography

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